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Christmas Cards, Sara M. Lyons, and More..

Christmas Cards

Hello all,

Art is a gift that should be given and shared! This Christmas season, I have decided to send original pieces of art (in the form of cards) out. I have been working pretty hard on a fresh batch, and I am loving what’s coming out! If you’re a lucky one, you’ll get a card in the mail this season ^_^

Although I totally love drawing and painting, small-scale collaged pieces are pieces I go nuts over. I was once really into the artist trading cards. I made about 30 of them, all collaged, and to this day they are still some of my favorite compositions/art pieces.  So, I will spend the rest of the week finishing up and the cards, writing and sending them off to their new recipients. I hope the artwork is liked enough to frame and keep…let’s hope.


My friends and family have also suggested that I turn my art into postcards! What a fun idea! So,  in the new year, I’ll take my drawings and transform them into actual free art (art with wings that fly across the globe.) A lot of my favorite modern artists are making their pieces into fun and kitschy kinds of merchandise, so I kinda wanna follow in their footsteps and do the same.


from  she's the coolest...

from  she's the coolest...


One of those favorite artists is Sara M. Lyons!

She’s too cool! My sister bought me a “whatever forever “ bag last year, and I absolutely loved it. I have been following her on Instagram and other social media sites (hi, I’m a stalker) and I totally love the way she markets herself and her stuff. She calls herself  “a professional weirdo” but, I think she’s professionally rad.

She makes a lot of super cute nail decals (another thing my sister got me for x-mas) and, she turned her illustrations into postcards and buttons… so ya, I’m totally inspired to do the same.

Her art is super quirky and cool. I think everyone should definitely check her out and/or at least follow her on Instagram @saramlyons . She inspires me and kinda reminds me to not take things so seriously. Life is meant to be lived….

And I guess,  I don’t know, maybe because I reside in nowheres-vill Oahu where coolness is bought not born, it’s hard to imagine that miss Lyons’  is an actual person, and not some television character, but …ya, 2014, thanks to the internet (lol) it’s true…cool people do exist in this world.  


And here’s the “and more…” you’ve all been waiting for.

So, starting next week I’m going back to the “bump-and-grind” of working for the man…. This time off from work has been lovely. The space away from people has allowed my heart and mind to heal, and I feel like I’m ready to be a person again, and so I earlier this week I was offered a position as the Admin Assistant to the Director of Early Childhood Education at a Hawaiian Preschool, and I couldn’t say no.

 I’m not going to lie, a BIG part of me is sad that I won’t be able to stay home and/or go to the studio to do my artwork, but another part of me is excited for a new chapter in my life. I know this seems pretty nerdy, but I’m excited to pay off my student loans and credit card bills. I want to get all of that behind me, and be able to *really* save money to travel and (again) invest in myself—I could maybe even start applying again for masters programs and/or getting my education degree, who knows?  

But, a small secret : I’ve always had dreams of opening my own traveling art school. I have even worked on a rough draft of a business plan, but never had the means or connections in making it into a reality.  I feel like the time at this non-profit organization will propel me in the right direction for positive /professional growth. So…8:30am, Monday morning I’ll be back at it again…

Wish me luck…

To close,

Beauty is in the choices you make, and if you keep making bad choices...well then, I guess you’re ugly.
— Winnie's Words of Wisdom...

--Happy Holidays!

Birdies, Mermaid Merchandise and Giving Thanks...




These happy little tweeters have been floating around my mind this week. My cute designs will be listed on my online stores in the coming days, so that they’ll be able to float all over the globe!
I love these little birdies so much~ thinking up their (sometimes mischievous) personalities is a joy, and makes the art process so very enjoyable.


Speaking of my online stores,


Mermaid Merchandise!

These beauties can all be found and bought here at my society6 page

Society 6 is a fantastic website with great quality merchandise, so if you like my designs, please consider doing any online shopping here! There are promotions all of the time for discounts and/or free shipping! I am especially a fan of the clock and the Duvet cover. I get a small portion of each sale, so please shop away!

Mermaid Duvet Queen Size Cover $99

Mermaid Duvet Queen Size Cover $99


!!! It's like a dream to see my works on merchandise! It'll be a dream come true to see my merchandise in use. :) I'm designing more art  specifically for certain things, so soon I'll have a whole interior line ready ^_^ yay!!!


Lastly, some important closing thoughts...


Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving


Gobble Gobble Gobble Giving Thanks at Thanks giving

I want to send a warm thanks to all of my family and friends this holiday season. 2014 has been the hardest year of my life, and without the love and support from all of the amazing people near and dear to me, I wouldn’t have been able to pick up the pieces and keep going.

The other day, I listened to the Eurythmics song “I’ve Got a Life” and I started to tear up. I know, crazy selection because it’s a dance song… but, when Annie starts singing “Strong now babe, gonna be strong now babe…” It really touched something deep inside of me.

All year long I was commended on my strength, “Winnie, you’re such a strong person”, “Winnie, we’re so proud of how strong you’ve been…” “You’re a strong mama….”
but, the truth of the matter is, I had no other choice but to be. I’m sure everyone knew, but never witnessed how many hours I spent in my car crying, and many sleepless nights feeling extremely weak. If you could have seen inside my chest, you would have seen a scared child covering her face, verses a tearless fighter who hurdled through doctor appointment after doctor appointment.

But, the strangest thing is realizing that all of those events are considered “the past.”  Maybe it’s because I’m just feeling the full effects of everything now, or maybe it’s because I finally have time to sort through every event and process it all….
But, I can’t explain it…It’s like the speed of sound which trails behind the blinding light of reality, the feelings come later...

And so, with that… to everyone who walked through this major life event with me,  I’m sorry I couldn’t thank you sooner… but, thank you so much for being there with me and for me. I rarely ever reach out, and I always take on many things without crying out for help…but, for everyone who knows me well enough to take a distance but still leave your hand available for me to grab whenever I needed something to grab on to… Thank you so much. Love is too small of a word for what I feel for you…

To end on a lighter note...

One personality trait will repeat itself through every avenue of a person. So, if someone is cheap with money, then chances are they’ll be cheap with their love, and cheap in their thoughts and moral of the story, don’t be cheap.”
— Winnie's words of Wisdom

ha ha ha.


Okay. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Cellphone cases $35.00

Cellphone cases $35.00

clocks starting at $30.00

clocks starting at $30.00

Framed prints starting at $33

Framed prints starting at $33