New Year

Five Questions About 2017

1. What was your best day of 2017?

As difficult and emotional as 2017 was,there were a lot of good moments. My top pick would be New Year’s Day Of 2017. 


Yume wasn’t even a full month old yet, I was juuuuuust starting to get into a schedule and juuuuuuust beginning to get into the rigorous work of being a stay at home mom.

But I’m choosing this day because  It was the first New Years in 18 years that I got to spend with (just) my family; my mom, Reimi, Dean, and Ian.

We didn’t have to fake anything, there was no need to explain the meaning of anything, no need to listen to stupid stories over and over again, no need to cater to anyone, no need to feel obligated to do anything...

I will forever be thankful for just being able to enjoy that day with the people who I love most. 


2. What’s something you learned to do this year?


I learned how to incorporate my two loves into one. For awhile it seemed like I would never do art again...but one day I realized that I can still be creative, and teach creativity all at once. As Yume gets older, I feel as though we will find more ways to be expressive together, and I look forward to what things we will make together. 



3. If you could pick a song to describe 2017, which would it be?


for the sake of getting this posted on Time (because I’ve been thinking about this question for the last 3 days non stop), I’m going to say “Don’t let it bring you down” from Neil Young... 

but “comfortably numb” from Pink Floyd, and The Rolling Stones “you can’t always get what you want” were on the list, as well as like 10 songs from Nina Simone (her versions of “Just like a Woman” and “here comes the sun”) were also choices. 

I had choices from Stravinsky on the list too, because this year was so dramatic... but again, for the sake of posting this, I’m gonna close my eyes and select. 

Or maybe If I could have a really bouncy happy song like The Jackson Five’s “abc” playing simultaneously to Neil Young’s dreary “don’t let it bring you down” because that would Actually be a more accurate depiction of 2017 because seriously...My mom, my best friend,  is dying before my eyes  while I’m taking care of the sweetest, cutest, and most enjoyable child. 

2017 was a pure mind fuck.


4. What do you think you’ll remember about 2017 ten years from now?

I’m going to remember that  you can be together forever in this life and the next. That life is about freedom and dignity, and that 


 Love is the bond that connects all things. 

5. Who are the new people who came into your life in 2017? What is special about them?


 Um, I think this year was less about meeting new people, and more about seeing old people in new ways. 

I hate using the word reconnect,  because in some instances, such as the image above from my Cosmic sister, we never lost connection...but I feel that 2017 gave us the opportunity to strengthen our connection in ways we didn’t realize possible.  

Friends took on a whole new meaning to me, I appreciated the space, and thoughtful touches (texts, calls, visits, emails) that came throughout the year. I re-realized just how blessed I am to have such a great group of friends who REALLY know me. Who know that being with me doesn’t always mean physically, but who also know exactly when the right time to approach is. Like I couldn’t ask for a better blanket, when my life seemed at its coldest.  

To: my life long loves, KC and Chris, and my true blue hardcore-since-I-was-a-little-girl best friends, Alyson, Brandy,Trisha and Em,  and the people who have an uncanny sense of understanding everything I’m going through Mat and Simon...

all of my friends throughout the years....

2017 was like the windex to my mirror To be able to see myself and all of you standing beside me.

thank you ❤️ Forever