Half way there

Yume turned 6 months on the 3rd. 


We're 6 months and a couple days away from a full year together.  

In this time, we've established nap and sleep schedules, crying it out for just a couple days, but now when 8pm comes, Yume falls asleep with little to no fuss at all.

She's on solid foods,  but just once a day. We tried at 5 months and she just wasn't quite ready...so like all things, we waited and tried again. So far, so good.

No teeth poking through yet, but im sure it'll happen eventually. That's been my motto lately, it'll happen eventually. I've kinda pumped the breaks on checking my baby apps every moment of the day, and now I only do it when I remember to, or when I really don't get something.

I still have 10,000 questions about everything, but I'm starting to learn to wait for the answer to reveal itself rather than research it. So far the only consistent answer I'm finding and hearing from everyone is "every baby is different" so there are (for the good or bad of it) no answers or norms to attach myself to. 

In many ways, I have to learn how to be my old "just wing it, and see what happens" self, because that carefree winnie-ness, as irresponsible and irritating as it may've seemed, was seriously the key attitude  to everything. 

This hyper-sensitive, gotta know all the answers, gotta google it now, read about it before it happens, is helpful (no doubt) to a certain extent, but sometimes just giving things time and space (especially when it comes to Yume) to mature on their own, and/or just being surprised at "wow, that's something new" rather than anxiously anticipating it, is pretty awesome too.

The other day, I cracked open a fortune cookie (thank you, Panda Express, lol) and it said "the wise learn more from the fools, than fools learn from the wise."  

A huge shout-out to all of the fools who run in abundance online and in my real day-to-day life. You're helping this mama out, for sure! Haha

But, with that said, I must give another huge thank you to all the amazing, attentive, thoughtful, creative and resourceful mama's out there who use their brains and all their might to shape and mold their children into this world, this mama is watching what you do and is taking notes--even though I may be the fool who won't be able to learn, please know I'm watching, haha.

Each day, I feel like I'm learning exactly how I don't want to raise Yume, but at the same time also how I do. 

At 6 months, it's hard to start implementing all of the Pinterest-worthy tips, but again.., in due time. 


Ive also started taking time to observe how people treat their parents in adulthood.  I personally think that is a direct reflection on how that person was treated /raised in their childhood...

it seems that adults who had more of a hands-off parent, treat their aging parents the same way, while those who had a hands-on parent, also treat their aging parent in that manner.

im paying closer attention to how a person refers to their parents, do they call their parents regularly, what do they do/know about their parents, do they actively "care" for their aging parent..and what "care" looks like in different households.

As mentioned above, i realize that every parent (like every child) is different, and that every life situation is different too, so spare me the lecture of thinking one is better than the other, that's really not the comparison I'm trying to make--in fact, im not really making comparisons, just life observations...

I AM interested in what I can do to establish a good relationship with Yume so that as we get older, Yume is a part of my life, not as my life-servant, but also not as a complete and total stranger either.

again, trying to learn from the fools, while taking notes from the wise... 

I'll let you know what and where my findings lead me one day.

For now, here we are. Happy and still trying to figure this all out... 



Hearts and Thanks for reading :)