You got to know how I feel about cha', I always you near

I cried on my way to work.
 Purple Rain was playing on the radio and my heart jumped and I excitedly turned the radio up!
"Ahhhhhhhhhh~~~Oh my god!! They're playing Purple Rain!!!!"

After singing a couple of lines, I picked up my phone to try and open up itunes to play the entire album.
That's why I saw the 2 text messages on my phone
One from my best friend, Alyson. The other from my sister. "Did you hear about Prince?", "Omg. Prince. He's dead."

It was surreal. Purple Rain was still playing so loudly on my speakers, and my happiness turned, in an instant to deep--deep sadness. my heart hurt. "nooooooooooooooooo~ nooooooo...." I sobbed.

I'm spending tonight listening to Prince, which isn't something unfamiliar to me--there have been days, and in the past, weeks were I would just play prince over and over again.... But, tonight it's different. I'm listening to it as a way to say goodbye--goodbye to a friend I would spend time in my car with, to a friend I would spend nights painting with, to a friend who would help me get over some lonesome heartbreak--- goodbyeto the potential of something new and fantastic from a music innovator. just goodbye.

I'm listening to his music and hearing things I didn't hear before, I'm listening to his music and thinking back to how much a certain song meant to me a certain point in my life... I"m listening to his music and thinking... 'Wow, it's over."

When an extraordinary presence leaves the room, you are left to look around at just how ordinary everyone is. Prince has left the room, and the absence of his presence is greater than the rest of the music industry that is still in the room.

sigh. In the same way I"m still getting over the death of Michael, this will take some time.
"Love is too weak to define just what you mean to me..."