Pastime Paradise

Hello All,

I have been working on a couple of different things, trying to keep busy :)
This is the first series. I'm still unsure if I will transfer these sketches to paint on canvas, or if I'll use another medium.

I've also worked on another Kalaupapa piece...

But, right as I type, I"m looking through old sketches I did years ago...and I think I may develop them as well.
I can kind of feel myself walking though my wall (artist block)

Sometimes my wall is really thick and it takes me a long time to get to the other side, other times, it's like paper thin. I'll only know the depth after I've come out from the other side.
But, I'm almost out-i think.


On a completely separate note:

I've spent some time reflecting on my upbringing.
And, if you know me at all, you know that I have nothing but amazing things to say about the way I was raised. Some people think I"m bragging, and you know what...I am.
I was fortunate to have really educated, classy, artistic parents. My sister and I were raised with parents who played chess, read books, and pursued their dreams.

Although they weren't full-on hippies, my parents found each other during the era of free-love and free thought. They chose to live away from their family to start their life out living it the way they wanted to.

Now, things weren't always rosy and perfect. Their life decision caused us to live, many, many times, in that scary paycheck-to-paycheck one-day-at-a-time reality. And although both of my parents came from upper-middle class families, they distanced themselves both physically and financially from their upbringing.

Some people look at the decision a foolish because for the most part, they struggled--and struggled HARD. In many ways, my sister and I continue to struggle because of the choices my parents made...
But, no matter which way I look at it, my heart is still filled with complete and total pride. It took a lot of guts for my parents--an inter-racial, international couple to take the chance on each other, to detach themselves from their families forever, and raise their own family in a place neither of them were familiar with--that takes fucking balls.

I come from a family of risk takers, and people who are willing to gamble their life on something as pure (and whimsical) as love. And you know what, i look up to the night sky and say thank you to my father for that, and I talk to my mom often and tell her how thankful i am that she is my mom.

My sister and I are filled with character, class, brains, and discipline --although my sister has more of it than I :)  So... 3 cheers for being proud of who you are.


If you liked this, go call your parents and tell them how thankful you are for all that they have done to make you, you.