Today is the first day I'm listening to the newest Radiohead album "Moon Shaped Pool" in its entirety. 
Yes. It's true. Can you believe It's taken me this long to do so. 
I'm in shock too. 

You see, I'm one of those--especially when it comes to bands such as Radiohead, where the day the album is released, it's in my hands and/or downloaded for 24 hour repeat play over and over again for at least 2 weeks. In the past, the longest time (normally) between a new release and my headphones, was about a week's time--and even then, that seemed as an eternity.

Maybe it's because there were so many things to sort through this year, so many things to listen to, so many things to do, that I haven't had a chance to sit down--alone--and just listen to the album and give it the undivided attention it deserves. I don't know. the laundry list of excuses grows and shortens with each reasoning....

And yes, I take it that seriously. I see music as one of those art forms that need devotion, in the same way literature deserves more than just a year long casual reading. Books deserve a quite space, perfect lighting, and a nice space next to the bed to place for easy access to the perfect moments to divulge into--and in an ideal world, the moments in between each reading are few and short-lived.

Visual art, on the other hand, sometimes benefits from stepping away, and/or viewing multiple times with years in between--even the practice of doing visual art can (although disputed by "working artists") can be refreshing and renewing after space is put between you and your work... (**Im sure if I were a musician or writer, I would use the same justification to feel better about myself in *not* writing/creating music regularly...but whatever) 


Now that I'm spending one on one time with the album, I realize how much I've missed long intervals of time with my headphones.

For awhile it seemed like a secret love-affair that I shared with my headphones. We would go to coffee shops together, sit on the bus to and from work, be together in the art-department and in my make-shift art studio space in the tiny confines of my bedroom. I would sleep together nightly with my headphones, and share secrets, play games, and have wild conversations together--me asking questions about life, my iPod whispering song titles into my headphones to answer them... it was a wonderful love.

You may say it was one-sided, but I think my old sony headphones would beg to disagree. The places we went together... always in a special place in my bag, wrapped as nicely as I could (because I"m a pack-rat purse lady) together, for what seemed like forever.  sigh. 


As I listen closely to Thom Yorke's heart break and heal through each song of this album, I can't wait to hit repeat and push the + volume button once more to hear the music even louder in my brain. Maybe it sounds crazy, but when I listen to an album, I start off mid volume and with each listen, I turn up the volume just a little bit louder each time. By the 5th listen, it's normally at full volume.  I play the music so loud that I can see it in my eyes. it transcends just my ears--and now enters my each crevice of my brain--that's where the ideas come from. 

The Radiohead album "in Rainbows" helped me create an entire series of 50+ drawings, because I would listen to the music so loud that I could start to see patterns in my head--(hello bird series) Other albums helped me do all of the hair designs  in my fashion drawings. 

Bet you didn't know that. :) 

So, as you can see... less time with my music, less artwork pumping out of winnie. 
In college, I barely even listened to my professors, my headphones were plugged into my head, and my brush was on my canvas...and on all the rides home, music that played so loudly that most people wouldn't even sit next to me on the bus, helped me think of the next thing to draw or write about.. my prolific creative phase--if you can even remember that far back to when I was in college--you will remember I had 1-3 blogs written almost nightly. All thanks to my original lover, my headphones. 

But, as mentioned above--and not with any complaints in my heart, or any tone of dismay.... I say, that now I'm spending my time listening to different things, like heartbeats... and feeling shapes moving in my body,  doctors orders, and hushed soft breathing of my husband...

I suppose a whole new art form is taking place. A new creation of sorts--better than 3D printing (haha)... I'm creating a life. Not just my baby's...but my own. Creating a world of my own...so I guess, right now, I'm no longer able to spend 5 days straight tuning out the people around me playing radiohead on full volume, because there are many other things playing at full volume in my life. 


nevertheless, right now, while listening to the Radiohead album on level 7, three points away from full volume, I'm looking forward to starting the album over again, one notch higher... 


Happy Thanksgiving.