Don't say it's "cute", JCCH, Bowie...

Don’t say it’s cute

Hello There! 

I’m really excited about my new pieces (which are now also on sale here.
In this new series I titled  “Whimsical Wisdom,” I’m challenging myself to mix media: pastels, wax, glue, paints, collage, eventually: sand~(it’s something I haven’t done since college) 

It’s fun! And…I ‘m having fun doing it. Hopefully that’s showing through the pieces. But, I have to be able to find a balance to make the work still seem…serious. 
I’ve been looking at the work of a lot of artists, and I think what I want to tap into is the relationship between cute vs conscientious work, and have both elements work for me instead of having one over-power the other. 

I believe I’ve said this in this blog, but if not, I’ll say it now… I hate it when people say my art is cute… Even though, I KNOW this particular series of work is cute… my goal is to have the first adjectives that describe this series NOT to be cute.  I still remember, quite vividly, someone always referring to my art, the fact that I did art, and my life as an artist as “cute.” How demeaning. 
“Oh, you went to art school? Cute…” “Wow…you do art? Cute.”  pointing to my painting set  “is that yours? cute”
fuck you. 

 If I could’ve punched those jerks in the mouth I would have.  

I now realize that many times people just don’t have the vocabulary…so I’ve lightened up and put my boxing gloves down… but still, I want to keep elements of this series as light-hearted, whimsical, and…ahem cute, but still have something a little meaty there that adds a punch to it.  So…as I continue the series I will keep that in mind. 

Japanese Cultural Center Hawaii

For those of you who know me, you know what a big deal my mom is to me…but, for those of you who are just starting to get to know me, hi ☺ 
My mom is also an artist. I’ve recently put her blank greeting cards into the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii Gift shop. I’m wishing for excellent sales. My mom’s work is amazing. If I could be even 1/8 of the artist my mom is, I’ve accomplished something in my life. 
You should check out her work. Here are some samples from my society6 page


I feel a tad bit cliché putting in a small blurb about David Bowie in my blog, but so what…
 I will because so many pieces, so many thoughts, so many journal entries/blogs were done to his music in the background. 

Being different seems to come with the territory when the fates choose you to be in the arts. You see the world differently, you hear songs/sounds differently, poetry hits your head with a stronger deeper thud, and many times the liveliest art is the simple beating of your own heart. 

Eccentricity was something that David Bowie embodied—and I love that.  It made the world a little less lonely to know that someone like him exists. And, I say exists because I truly believe that there is no past tense to someone who’s art lives forever, so with that I say: 

holding invisible mic in the air

“… love’s such an old fashioned word, 
and loves dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night,
and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves, 
this is our last dance, this is our last dance
this is ourselves
under pressure” 

love you all,