New Prints, Studio Enso, 5 Things!

New Prints on society6, Studio Enso, 5 things (…and more)


Can you believe it’s February already? 2015 is zipping by quickly!
Wishing that you’re all healthy, happy, and hopeful! I’m liking 2015 more and more.
 Spring is just around the corner; the weather is great, people seem lighthearted, everything just feels good all around. Things here have been pretty wonderful too, here are some updates!

New Prints on Society6

birdsong 001.jpg

Collage! I normally do collage-art when I make greeting cards/postcards.  I rarely do it on a large scale because the smaller scale makes it easier for me to view the whole piece up close & from a distance without having to move. And also, I guess, when I’m adding a variety of elements together (different prints, different medias, etc.) I have an easier time balancing things out with a smaller paper size. (Did I just say the same thing 2 different ways? Haha)  

Anyway, I made a bunch of cards last Christmas that I was supposed to send out to family and friends, but I ended up getting busy and falling in love with the cards. So, I kept them.

artwork from my mom, Reiko Patterson

artwork from my mom, Reiko Patterson

I’ve been busily uploading artwork on to my society6 page, many of them from my mom who does Ah-Mazing Japanese-themed art pieces, and decided to upload some of my collage pieces as well.

When you have a moment to yourself, check out my page! I’ll be uploading more and more pieces throughout the week



Studio Enso,

My husband decided to rename our art-studio to Studio Enso. We are turning it into a multi-media space where we can do collaborative video-production and of course our 2D/ 3D artwork. We have a lot of wonderful ideas brewing in there, and are using Enso as our inspiration to keep creating forever.

I’m waiting on my crazy, kinda-creative, sorta-interesting brother-in-law to return at the end of March to start video production (immediately)

I believe I mentioned in my last blog that I wanted to start working on an art show for kids this summer. Well, he arrives at the end of March, so I’m thinking…April 1st is our first day of filming (hahaha…) I’m looking forward to all that will come out of Studio Enso. It is our most precious place named after our most precious person.   So, 3 cheers for Enso and all that he will manifest into.



5 things (also known as: “and more…”section)

1. I often get the theme from “Three’s Company” stuck in my head—and it play’s over and over in my head at full blast, volume 50.

2. I want to take the chair out of my work office and sit on the exercise ball thing, but I always imagine myself forgetting that I’m on the ball and leaning back and falling backwards with my legs open (wearing a skirt) so… I never suggest the change

3. When too many people talk to me, or when one person talks to me for too long, I get nauseous.

4. I’ve never wondered what cat food tastes like, and never had the desire to try it (wet or dry)

5. When I worked retail, I used to imagine what it would be like if someone famous would walk in, like Michael Jackson, or Madonna, or President Obama… I would get so into my imagination that my eyes would water and I would smile a lot. I wonder If my co-workers noticed?

 To close.

“In Ms. Patterson’s class, you will always get what you want, but be specific.
If you want paint…say what color, or you may get white when you really wanted black.”

--Winnie’s words of wisdom.

Love you all, enjoy your week!