JCC Art competition, 54 painted series, Keeping the fire buring 2/22

Japanese Chamber of Commerce Annual Art Competition

I have already started adding ideas to the pot to mix up a masterpiece to enter in the annual competition. I have yet to get in...but maybe this year will be the year :)

I have come to realize though, that getting into the show is secondary to the joy of creating for the show. So, I'll post my process as things progress! 

54 Painted series

Speaking of creating. This is a little ambitious of me and I don't foresee a finish date any time soon for this project, but I begun to collect images for a LARGE body of work which consists of 54 painted images (probably all 11" x 14", but the size is still up in the air).

Some of these images may be a candidate for the show above, but seeing how this is all still just in the idea stage, and has not moved to the sketching phases, I cannot give any concrete hints or info just yet. I am hoping to mix media in this work...

You're probably wondering why I'm even bring this up, since there are no real details yet. Sometimes, I need to write my ideas out so that they happen. If I keep it all in my head, my ideas either get stored in the "to do" pile of my brain (which translates to "trash"), or just gets pinned to a wall and gets lost in the background.

There are so many ideas that I wish I would have written down, just so that I'd have something to reference to when I hit the "what should I do?/ What do I need to be working on?" moments in life... There are a lot of projects that I start and put aside to finish because life will decided to HAPPEN in full force, and if I don't write out my ideas on what i want to do, I'll never revisit the project again...

so, ya, maybe this justification was more than you for me as well. haha!

Keeping the Fire burning. 2/22



I'm really excited. I ordered my own merchandise. I can't wait to use my own mug in my office.

sometimes I'm ashamed to admit that I love my own art...

but, you have to be your number one fan. Who knows, you may be the only fan out there...so love love love yourself!


to close:

(it's not my quote, but I say it all of the time)
"When you rest, you rust"

--Words of wisdom...

Happy Spring!