Goal Setting

Every year I create a list of goals for the following year. I'm working on my 2016 list now... 

I do this to keep myself on track. There are phrases that I repeat to myself: "when I rest, I rust" and  "keep your eyes on the prize"

I'm often asked "What keeps you going? How do you do it? "

And my answer, no matter how simple or imposing it may be is: because "I want to. "

I want to keep creating, I want to keep making. I want to do art (write, make music, draw, crochet, make crafts, paint) I want to do those things more than watch tv. It's because of me, I want it~

I'm not perfect though, I get distracted. My phone, social media, and life are also things I want to focus on~ and I'm honest with myself. I don't get down on myself when other things take precedence and I'm unable to do art. I think it's because i know, I'll always go back to creating.

In the end, I always remind myself that I chose this life: I took art classes my whole life, I went to art school, and my goal in life is to be a full time artist. To me, when I get to full-time self sustaining artist status, that is the prize--not my goal. The goal is keeping up the momentum to get to the prize, and if I don't get there--it is no ones fault, but my own.

I hold myself accountable for my life--and for those of you who know my life, it's not always an easy one- -but, It is up to me to keep going. :) art is my happy place.



My goal: to put my mermaids on surfboards. 

This weekend, I completed my first board!!!! I'm excited to keep going.  Accomplishing that goal put me that much closer to my prize~ 

Kanaloa with my Mermaid on it :) 

Kanaloa with my Mermaid on it :) 

I'm happy. Really happy! And I want to keep going, because my eyes are always on the prize~ 


I'm looking forward to my new goals list!!