2016 is almost here. Commitment. What does this Enso mean to you?

2016 is almost here:

Wow! It is just around the corner! Can you believe it? Where did 2015 go, and why did it feel it needed to go so fast? Maybe that is a sign of a great year! 

Anyway, It’s time for my new Goal’s list for 2016… So here goes.

In no order.

- More art on Surfboards (at least 3-5 boards next year!)

- Blog regularly (twice a week)

-Create a business plan:
focus specifically on:
what do I want out of winniepatterson.com,
what’s in the future for my business

-No late night snacking and less sugar

-Stickers and postcards!

-Take Piano Lessons

-Jog 3 days a week, walk 3 days (and keep it up)

-Read 10 books


-Try again


There it is~~ That’s my goal list for 2016!


2015 was an interesting year for me in terms of my commitment to my art/ art business.

I went through a very paired down movement in both my fashion and art. I restricted my pallet to primarily black and white. If you know me at all, I’m normally very colorful—like a paint store exploded all over my canvases and my wardrobe…

But, this year, not so much

Maybe this is a form of mourning? Forcing myself to limit my life to the bare essentials? I don’t know. I wanted to simplify as much as possible. Reduce the noise in my life. Not that colors are noise—and if they are, it’s the prettiest noise that I always want to hear…

My goal I guess, in both art and fashion, is sophistication. I’ve moved away from the attention-getting “you have to get to know me because I’m colorful, bold, loud…and overwhelming (think of my bold lined paintings…colorful in your face pattern-everywhere madness)” to, if you want me, then look for me 

I no longer want to beg for an audience, but rather converse softly with whoever stumbles upon me—with a collection of artwork that I really worked on.

I believe that this is a metamorphosis from my clown paintings, which I felt were like self portraits… I no longer want to be the clown. I’m tired of acting. I suppose this paired down simplified sense represents the moment all of the Clown’s make-up is removed, and what is left is the freshly washed face that only a few people—the nearest and dearest—can recognize.

That’s not to say this is it. I’ve always felt the best thing about the art is it’s never “it”…there’s always something to come...

But, for me 2015 was my transitional year.
2016 is the year I will work to commit to this new sophisticated sensibility.

What does this Ensō mean to you?

To end this Blog, and perhaps this 2015 year…
I want to share something short, sweet, and sentimental with you.

Dean and I were recently given a book titled “Ensō, The Timeless Circle” from our friend Christy. I think it was supposed to be a baby-shower gift, or perhaps a congratulations Baby gift. She hesitated to give it to us because of what happened, but I’m so happy and touched that she did.

It is a book filled with different Ensō’s throughout history. I cried while reading it—because every meaning of the Ensō matched my son’s brief life. One of the questions that repeated throughout the book is: “What does this Ensō mean to you?”
And, to be totally honest with you, that is the question I have asked myselfeveryday since 7/17/2014 (His birthday) What does this Ensō mean to you?

Some days it means happiness, some days it means loneliness and guilt…
Some days it means love or hope, and other days it means emptiness…Most of the time, it means strength

I’ve never loved so deeply in my life—It was as if my heart spread to the length of the horizon until west becomes east, and east becomes west: a full circle of love…

I was able to experience the expansion—and just because he is physically not here, it doesn’t mean my heart has shrunk.
In fact, it holds it’s shape—which is an Enso. My own Enso…forever

If you’re reading this Christy,
Thank you so much for thinking of us, and thank you so much for finding such a wonderful book! I found a couple of really great interpretations, so now…my goal will to be find those prints for our house! Arigato!!

Happy New Year Everyone! 
Love to Lots,


"you know why I love the song 'The Air I Breathe?' because the chorus starts off with Sometimes. What he's talking about is not something you have to feel all of the time--because that would be scary--obsessive--and just...spineless. 
Sometimes is honesty.
Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you..