Inspecs Pearlridge, T.V Show, and finally... winnie, is that you??

Hello World,

So I submitted some new drawings and paintings to be displayed at Pearlridge Inspecs for the month of February. Keep an eye out everyone, and remember to follow @inspecshi for their latest sales and specials. I may be submitting some illustrations for those too ^_^
I'm so happy my eye-sight is bad! I've been able to form such a great working relationship with my favorite eye-glass store!

One of my lovely ladies that'll be on display in the Pearlridge Inspecs store

One of my lovely ladies that'll be on display in the Pearlridge Inspecs store

T.V show!

So, I've been throwing this idea around for the last....4 hours. I want to do my own arts-and-crafts show for kids on the community public access channel. Some of you may know that I used to be an elementary school art teacher, and before that I used to teach arts-and-crafts classes at community centers...

Well, I want to do that again, but this time I don't want to be in front of a class of children. I want to be in front of a camera. I'm thinking of doing developmentally appropriate art pieces for kids, maybe 8 and under. I want to gear it to parents/kids... and have fun activities.

As I said, I've only been throwing the idea around for 4 hours, but...I'm going to start working on a story board of ideas tonight, and see what comes from this.

That's not to say I'm putting a stop to all of my other ideas, I'm still on the mermaids being on merchandise and working on getting my work on large wall spaces, and perhaps some car stickers too...

Anyway, this idea just kinda popped outta nowhere, so it must be something, because when something comes out of nothing is far more than just any ol' thing... The earliest something like this would take shape is summer. so stay tuned!

Winnie, is that you?

I've been looking in the mirror a lot lately. I know what you're thinking "What's new, Winnie? You are ALWAYS looking at yourself in the mirror...?"

You're right, I can't argue with that. I was been bitten by the vain "i love myself" bug when I turned 5.

But, it's different now. I guess with all that I went through last year, i feel like my face has changed, or that my soul has changed. Or maybe...I'm simply just getting older? 

I know this is so cliche, but, when I look at myself, I cant really recognize the person staring back at me anymore. I know it's me because I'm not insane...but it doesn't feel  like me. 

I spend long minutes searching the new deep lines under my eyes, and the creases around my mouth. The things I took notice to slightly before--the smile lines which I wore like a champ,  now  seems to be totally in my face--pun intended.  I stare at the the 50 new freckles, and when my smile disappears, I watch lines move from one position back to another. 

And, where did the light go? The light from deep inside, what happened to it? I know it didn't go out, even with the flood of tears I cried, I know it wasn't enough to completely extinguish it. But, I can't see it as brightly when look deeply into my eyes, In fact, to be honest, I haven't seen it at all in the past 3 months. but, I know it's still there... hidden under a lot of internal fog. a diffused light that glows very dim. Something tells me once the fog passes, I'll start to see that winnie I knew not to long ago...

Wishing for the right internal temperature to clear the fog. With just the right amount of warmth to keep my comfortable and clear...

for now, I"m left to wonder...who is this person that I see, and where did that other person--the one who's face is etched in my brain, where did she go?

where is the winnie that I know? Where, oh where, did that winnie go?


Anyway, while I put up a "missing persons" alert in my brain, I'll leave you with this.

When you are faced with an issue, think of the 4T rule and calm down. it’s simple: “These Things Take Time...”
— Winnie's Words of Wisdom