December Etsy Sale, KittyCaps!, Goals for 2015

December Etsy Sale!

Hello All!


I usually have my blog done and posted by now, but something about winter weather puts everything on hold. Anyway, I’m currently having a HUGE painting sale! Use coupon code “30FAM” to receive 30% off your total order from now until December 15!!!
The sale only applies to paintings, and not the prints… so please shop away!


Kitty Caps!

Since we’re on the topic of Etsy, I’ve started ANOTHER etsy account under the name of Kittycaps656. When I was 17 years old I started my first business crocheting beanies. I used to bring home anywhere from $30.00 to about $80 dollars almost daily while I was a senior in high school. I would sell hats to all the hot surfer guys, and crochet in class (instead of taking notes…I was a smart girl, and didn’t need many notes back then, haha)
Anyway, now, In my free time I crochet beanies for the ever-so-cute Nala Cat

And since I receive monthly orders from her, I decided…well, why not start up another business, this time making beanies for cats. ^_^…


So if you have a kitty or a small dog, and are dying to fill your Instagram feed with the cutest pictures EVER…then visit my NEW etsy store!


Goals for 2015…

Since a majority of my year kind of went off kilter, I would like to get back on track and start listing my goals for 2015…

I think instead of listing pages and pages of things that I need to do…

I’m going to simplify  and be more precise with what I want to accomplish in 2015.

(at the end of 2013, I compiled a 5 page goal sheet for 2014 …but thanks to the humors of the universe, everything went sideways this year. To my surprise, and utmost delight, I was able to check off a whole page of goals…which is really fucking amazing, considering just how crazy my year was, but…with that said, I would like to simplify)



For my body, mind, and soul, I will do the following during 2015

-Start a worm compost bucket so that our wasted food will turn into compost
-lose another 10-15 lbs (I lost 10lbs so far ^_^)
-continue to work on paying off my student loans and credit card bills
-Go hiking or do something outdoors at least once a month
-Read 5 books (this year, I think I only read 3 books..sad, sad story.)
-send handwritten letters

For my art and business:
-Put my mermaids on surfboards and surf merchandise.
-Do at least one mural, or public art piece
-Continue to branch out through my blogging and social media accounts
-Sell 5 more pieces more than this year.
-buy my own merchandise as gifts. If I’m confident enough to sell it, I should be willing enough to buy it…
-make $10,000.00 off of my artwork.

And, I think that’s good enough for a whole year.

To Close,

Everyone secretly sheds a tear for the middle-aged person huffing an puffing at the club. I mean, like, oh my god...Just do Zumba, please
— Winnie's Words of Wisdom

Happy Holidays,