11/14/14: Crows, Surfing Mermaids, Public Art

Crow Contest...

From L-R : Celebrated, At My Most Beautiful, Concealed Secretes. (2011)  

From L-R : Celebrated, At My Most Beautiful, Concealed Secretes. (2011)

So, every week or so I check out the "Call for Entry" website to see what's going on in the art-world. If you are a visual artists, I suggest you open an account with them because there are a lot of opportunities out there!

Anyway, there is a contest in San Diego, California for "The Studio Door" gallery which caught my attention. The theme/theme of the show is "Crow: Homage to the Raven" and it is open to any interpretation of the subject matter (2D or 3D.)  They are taking submissions both nationally and internationally...so guess who's going to give it a try and enter ^_^

I'm going to brush up my set of 3 (pictured above) by modifying the beaks and see what happens. These paintings are dear to my heart, and although they may come off as a little "super-hero" like, playing on the ideas of dress up and whatnot... I hope to improve the facial expressions of the subjects to express the depth of what's actually going on...

The concept behind the trio is basically: emotional escape. How does one emotionally get away from all of it--like, flying away and pretending something didn't happen/exist. 
Well, when I was younger, all I had to do was play dress-up and/or dress up a barbie-doll and suddenly I was transported into another world.
If only it were that simple... my characters are all in "costume" in hopes to escape the situation.

The only problem is, just because you dress up as a bird doesn't mean you can fly... and so the look of despair/realization in their facial expression illustrates that. Although the problem/situation is adolescent, the solution isn't. 

The "crow" holds a lot of mystical properties though so maybe the painting will take on a whole new concept? I don't know...
That's the fun thing with art, with one stroke of a brush everything can change.

Anyway, wish me luck. The deadline is Nov 30, so I have a good two weeks to work on it. ^_^


Surfing Mermaids...

Along with the crows, I've been working on my mermaids like crazy. Growing up, I loved the movie "Splash" (thank god there haven't been any remakes) and...omg, The Little Mermaid (ahhhh! don't get me started..) 
The mystery and magic that the mermaids possess just filled my mind with dreams of adventure and excitement.

I had a swimming pool at the apartment I grew up in, and I would try swim with my legs pressed together for hours wishing that I could turn into a mermaid.. haha.


But, beyond just the mysticism, I guess, there is just something very feminine and beautiful about mermaids. Most of my subject matter is centered around females (well, at least in the past 5 years or so...) but, i noticed that my fashion drawings don't really come across as "feminine" or girly... maybe it's because I centered mostly on their face and not their body? Or, maybe it's because the girls aren't really smiling... hmm?
Anyway, my mermaids satisfy a girly, feminine longing that I wanted in my breadth of my work. My ultimate goal is to get these mermaids on beach apparel and surfboards. I don't know how I"m going to get to that goal, but I'm putting it out into the universe. By the end of 2015 my mermaids will be on surfboards, surfshorts, bikini's and beach towels. *crosses fingers*


Birdland: Public Art Dreams.

Mililani Mauka district park

Mililani Mauka district park

Straight from my sketch book...

Straight from my sketch book...

One day, I don't know where, when, or how... I want my birds to be turned into a interactive play apparatus for children. Imagine a well tailored public park with magnificent huge birds and kids running around happily. yes, i see it too....

I want the "chicks" to be fabricated into sculptural pieces (maybe out of stone, concrete or fiberglass) where kids can run in and out of them, and I want the mama bird to be a slide for children to walk into, go up steps and slide down her back...
...I'm going to make clay models of my idea and keep it steady on the back-burner.
I'll keep my eye open for grants and what not, but I really think it'll be amazing! Don't you?

Hearts and Hugs,

oh, and from now on, I'll be closing with my words of wisdom... enjoy!

~winnie's words of wisdom circa 2012 ish~
sometimes you just gotta let people hit the ground and break, because the rebuilding process will amaze you...
there would be no rubbermaid if glass containers didn't shatter.


love you all!