Start Somewhere Sunday

Hello There,

It's been awhile! In the last 6 months my life went through a "top-to-bottom" transformation. It was a hard and difficult transition, but I made it. I'm alive--really alive now.

I've started painting everyday again. So far I have finished 2 pieces. I'm working on a series--another bird series-- all 12" x 12 " paintings.



I'm pretty happy with the start of the series. I have about 12 different sketches that I'll be turning into paintings. So, if not by the end of this year, then definitely by Jan 2015, I'll be showing the series in a coffee shop/ gallery near you!

Another exciting thing: I'll be making prints of my work, so more of you will be able to have a little itty-bitty piece of me in your home :)

Peace is for Everyone,